Who moved my cheese?

In April 2019 we decided to buy tickets with Tomás, to leave in August for Los Angeles, United States. The initiative to live this great adventure was mine, the desire and the courage went out of my body. I was happy!
The first days I lived them with a lot of emotion, one of my big dreams was coming true. But as time passed, I began to perceive an internal discomfort that I did not know where it came from.
I started to get very anxious, there were nights when my whole body trembled, I felt hot / cold and I felt out of myself.

This feeling began to empower me and made me begin to question absolutely everything. What if this is not my dream? What if I miss? What if everything goes wrong? It was a constant doubt with endless negative questions, my head had become my worst enemy.
We believe that it is impossible to be distressed if we are taking a step towards our dreams, but this is not the case. This is totally normal. We go from our routine, that which we know and do every day, to meet new situations, whether adverse or favorable, new people, new problems and new decisions. Yes, everything is new and that is the most beautiful! It helps us to open our heads, discover if we really want in our lives what we want so much, and if not, go for something new.

More than one must have seen this graph:

I discovered it recently and it would have helped me a lot in those days that I did not understand what was happening to me. For this reason, I consider that it is always a good time to remember it.

Going back to my experience, my days began to get heavier and my fears did not stop, so one day I got up and decided to change my attitude.
I looked for tools that would help me calm down and take the process from a more pleasant place; So i went to a holistic therapist, who works on physical, mental and emotional healing with energy as the main tool; I also did Cellular Memory, a type of biodecoding that eliminates records stored in cells from our gestation until today, since they alter the normal functioning of the psyche.
I tried different alternative therapies to find the origin of these emotions that so much played against me. These treatments helped me, but the reality is that in meditation I found the peace I was looking for.
I started taking 20 minutes a day to meditate, I did it with the Meditopia app, and so being able to listen to myself and return to my essence, I let the emotions flow without judgments or questions, just feeling them.

Finally, over time I managed to balance myself and today I appreciate the whole process I went through, since it made me know myself and most importantly, show me that everything happens.
Today I also appreciate the process, since it made me grow a lot, and not only that, but among other things, it teaches you to work for what you love most and understand that things do not happen overnight.
Luckily, Tomás did not undergo the change like I did and he was always close to accompany and help me in my process.
It is very important that we do not compare ourselves with the rest, each one lives the way in his own way.

“When you leave your fears behind, you feel free”

“Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson

Already settled in Los Angeles, someone recommended me the book “Who moved my cheese?
It’s about two mice, Sniff and Scurry and two “Littlepeople”, Hem and Hom and how each one faces the search for cheese, that which they love so much and gives them happiness.

The beauty of the story is to see how the different characters live their own process and the changes they go through on their way to cheese. It shows us how situations change if we see it from a more positive and bearable perspective.
It is a great mirror, since you will surely identify with some of the characters, in the way you face changes towards finding what you want, your own “cheese”.

For everyone who is going through a situation similar to mine, reading this book will make you see the situation from another angle, I would have loved to read it before!
Leaving the comfort zone will always be uncomfortable and will hurt, but what better than being prepared and having the tools to enjoy the process?

Likewise, I recommend everyone to read it, it is an easy story with few pages, but a lot of teaching. It is always good to enrich ourselves with information that we can later apply in real life.

Find the book online by clicking here

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