The Secret

Did you know that your mind can be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to achieving your goals?

Human beings continually seek to achieve what we set out to do. Each one, according to their learning and experiences, creates their own method to obtain it, but… is it working for you? Are we attracting what we want or are we moving it away?

When we are kids they tell us that, if we propose something, we are capable of achieving it, and I am 100% sure of that.

The question is, how do I do it? No one teaches us a way, or a method to meet our goals.

At 8 years old I started auditioning and they never called me. I was crying and wondering what I was doing wrong, I even doubted my talent. Why didn’t I see results if I so yearned to be in a casting?

One day they recommended “The Secret”, a book by author Rhonda Byrne, who writes about the law of attraction.

I must admit that at first it seemed strange to start reading a “self help” book. I think we have a prejudice, thinking that only people who suffer certain pathologies read those books and that they are not for everyone. But no.

The day I started reading it, I found many answers to my questions.

Rhonda explains the importance of having positive thoughts so that our wishes come true, and together with the testimonies of different writers, filmmakers, doctors and scientists, she explains that we are responsible for what comes into our lives.

Ask yourself…

The life you are living, is it the one you want?

How positive are your thoughts?

The universe and our mind are like a magnet. What we think, we attract, whether positive or negative. That is why, in the book, there is so much emphasis on how important it is to know how to dominate our mind.

The law responds to your thoughts, but … how does it work?

To achieve what we want so much, we must follow 3 steps:

Step 1: ASK

Ask for what you want and want so much, no matter how big or small your goal is. Do you want that house that you like so much? Ask for it!

Do you want a job in a company? Ask for it!

Print a photo and put it somewhere in your house where you always see it, but be careful, you have to be very clear.

“The law of attraction is very obedient. When you think with all your might about what you want, it will give you exactly what you asked for. But when you focus on the things you don’t want, “I don’t want to be late,” the law of attraction doesn’t hear “I don’t want to.” Show what you are thinking over and over again. ”

Lisa Nichols, Writer and advocate for personal empowerment.

That is why it is so important that our requests are always positive, everything you want the universe to give you.


You have to have a lot of faith that what you asked for is already yours. You must believe before receiving.

That house that you loved so much, is already yours. Imagine and act as if you already lived there, experience the feeling of entering your dream home for the first time.

“If you do a little research, you will realize that all the people who have achieved something did not know how they were going to do it. They just knew they were going to do it. ”

Bob Proctor


To receive what you asked for, all you have to do is feel good.
When you feel good, you are in frequency of receiving, you are ready to receive all those good things that the universe is going to give you.

Repeat with me:

“Now I am already receiving. I’m getting everything good in my life now. I am receiving (fill in your wish) now ”.

Feel as if you had actually received your order.

With these 3 steps the universe is going to give us everything we ask for. It is not magic, it is vibration, positive energy, trust and faith.

Gratitude and visualization are two very important factors in order to attract better things to our lives.
The more you appreciate what you have, the more positive situations the universe will bring you.

“If you see it in your mind, you will have it in your hand.”

Bob Proctor.

A great example of how the law of attraction works is the case of actor Jim Carrey.

A few years ago in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he said that before becoming a renowned actor, he was bankrupt, he had no money or work.

After reading a lot about the law of attraction, he decided that he wanted ten million dollars within 3 years in exchange for services as an actor.

So, he printed his check, wrote the amount he wanted, and signed it. I kept that check in his wallet and carried it with him everywhere. Always visualizing himself as a successful actor.

Some time before the deadline for receiving the real check was met, he was hired for the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”

Can you imagine how much they were going to pay him?

Yes, $ 10,000,000 dollars!

I invite you to see the full interview by clicking here.

This book woke me up and made me aware of the great power that we human beings possess, but that we do not know how to use.

I do not want you to believe me, but that you check it yourself.

I recommend that you read it in order to better understand how the law works and you can get started!

Let’s be aware of our words and our thoughts, since as Lisa Nichols explains, the universe does not differentiate between “I don’t want” and “I want”.

Just obey.

Let’s cultivate thoughts and habits that are beneficial for our day to day. And so we are not the ones who stand in our way

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