The Roller Coaster

Life is a roller coaster, a sway of emotions, of victories and great opportunities, of falls and bad moments, the important thing is to know that life is about that.

Many times, we are presented with situations in which we are benefited and celebrate achievements, we feel motivated, while others, things do not go as planned or we receive bad news and we feel demotivated, we fall.

“Why me? I’m tired of the same thing always happening to me! ”

In bad times, I complained, I became a very pessimistic person, and this became a vicious circle.

Don’t just stand there!

When you see the whole picture, you realize that this fall, or that “roller” as we could call it, that you are suffering, is just a piece of the entire roller coaster.
Failure, despite being a little frustrating, is the best path to growth and development of oneself.
Inevitably, in these falls, it is when there is more to learn; Not only will you not stumble over the same stone again, but for the next obstacle, you will already know what tools to use in your favor and how to avoid entering that vicious circle again.

To be more specific, I am going to show you an image of what the “roller coaster” is and those “rollers” that I was talking about.

This is how I always imagined life. You could even relate a little to reality; Our heart needs these ups and downs, because if it is straight, we are dead.

The image is from a mini series that I loved, called “Principles for succes” by Ray Dalio, a very successful investor. In a few minutes, Dalio develops five steps and explains how to apply them to our lives to achieve our goals and be successful.
If you want to see the mini series click here

Living in this constant roller gives us 2 options; or fall, or adapt and resume the roll to continue:

According to Dalio, the curler consists of 5 stages:

  1. Objectives: Being clear about our objectives, simplifies our actions and the path we have to take much more.
  2. Problems: There are always going to be obstacles, you have to know how to cross them, in order to get back on track and grow.
  3. Diagnosis: Think about what was the mistake we made and what action caused us to trip over that stone.
  4. Design: Design a plan to eliminate the problem. What is our strategy to be able to get out of that roll? You have to be creative! Listening to other people can be very helpful, since there may be solutions that you cannot see from the problem.
  5. Go for your goal: Get going again, but this time with a change.
    You are going to start your journey, knowing where not to step, and with a backpack full of new tools.

This is what it is to live, to do these five steps again and again, and that is what makes life fun, unexpected and unique.
Curlers will always be, and the higher we go, the greater the obstacle to overcome, but remember that they are our greatest teachers.

Fall in love with the process, because there … is the success!

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