The Flow

Something essential in life to achieve your goals is to feel good about yourself, be in the Flow …

The Flow? What is that?

Did you see the movie “Finding Nemo”? There is a scene where the turtles appear navigating a sea current … do you remember? Well, that’s how I define the state of Flow.
Each one has his own path where he feels full. What is feeling full? Feeling motivated and satisfied, like when you do those activities that you like so much, that make you smile, that complement you. That which pushes you to meet all your goals.

From this conversation I began to become more aware when acting. I began to analyze whether my daily actions brought me closer to my goals. This helped me leave behind the autopilot that we usually ride on.

“Flow or Flow State is a subjective state that people experience when they are fully involved in something to the point of forgetting time, fatigue and everything else except the activity itself.”
This definition is from the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who gave a TED talk in 2004 called “Flow, the secret of happiness”.

Csikszentmihalyi discovers that the increase in material well-being did not modify people’s happiness, but doing activities that gave them pleasure and satisfaction did. After interviewing different people, many of them artists, who dedicated a lot of time to an activity without receiving money or fame in return, he discovered what he calls the “Flow state” or “exotic state”.

You can see the full talk by clicking here .

When you are clear about your goals, what is good for you and the definition of flow, it is very easy to see when you stray from the path. In my case, I know that I am on the wrong track when I have negative thoughts, I feel anxious, unmotivated and I have general discomfort.
That is why you have to be alert and ask yourself, Am I on the right path? This way we avoid being an obstacle to our desires, self-boycotts and insecurities about each step we take.

How to re-focus if you strayed from the flow?

I share what helps me:

To meditate
I hear my voice. I focus on the here and now.

Do physical activity
It helps me relieve my anxiety and renew energy.

Read self-help books
I have to admit that when I feel disconnected, it is difficult for me to get hooked on these types of books because you are not on the same page. It takes a little effort, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Thank (Fundamental)
Many times when we deviate from the flow, we are blinded or lost. Thanking is a good exercise to wake up and realize everything we have and how lucky we are. It is best to be grateful every day until it becomes a habit.

Do that activity that disconnects you from the world. In my case it is to draw. Every time I sit down to draw everything flows, and I manage to unite doing, thinking and feeling in the same activity. Think about what activity you like so much and if you think you don’t have any, try new ones!

Getting together with those people who inspire you and emanate good vibes is essential.
The energy is contagious! So nothing better than sharing moments with people who make us laugh and bring out the best in us.

Listen to music
Listen to a song that relaxes or inspires you, that brings back memories of moments that made you happy.

And most importantly: LISTEN TO YOURSELF
Accept your emotions. Stop asking yourself why you strayed from the path and start asking yourself why, what did you have to learn, what did you have to feel or perhaps what you were not appreciating. Let those emotions flow, the more you ignore or repress them, the stronger they become. There is nothing worse than resistance to life.
Feeling the emotions allows you to enter your body and thus reconnect with yourself.
You can always go back to the flow, you just have to know how to identify what tools help us.
I invite you to write on a paper what it is for you to be in the flow. What activities do you good and bring you closer to your goals every day? What people or situations inspire you to be in the flow? Make a list of the tools that will help you get back on your path if you have a slip, it is ideal to think about them beforehand and be prepared to live on the path of happiness!

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