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I always wanted to get to know Los Angeles, not only for Hollywood, but also for its landscapes. I saw photos of its mountains, of its beaches, it seemed to me a unique place.

In March 2016 I had the opportunity to travel with my family, it was an incredible trip!
At first I was a little nervous that the place did not meet the high expectations it had, but luckily, that did not happen. The palce exceeded all my expectations!
The climate, the vibes of the place, nature everywhere, the color of the sea, the mountains in the background. I couldn’t believe it, everything that I liked in one city. At that moment I knew that I had found my place
When we traveled, it was spring there, an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors. We toured the typical tourist spots, starting at the Santa Monica Pier, where the famous Route 66 ends, we continue on to Venice Beach, where art and sport reign, the luxurious neighborhood of Beverly Hills, and the classic Hollywood walk of fame.

This trip made my desire to know the entire state of California grow even more and I promised that I would return as soon as possible.

After much effort, I returned in 2017, but this time, to study at the New York Film Academy (NYFA), at the Los Angeles headquarters. The reality is that since it was a study trip, I didn’t do much during the week -since the race has a lot of workload- but occasionally we went out to eat with my colleagues. I stayed at “AVA Toluca Hills” a divine apartments in the middle of the city of Universal. It was an ideal location, it was next to the academy, Universal studios and Warner, I was really happy!
What I rescue the most was that for the first time I had the opportunity to LIVE the city as if it were part of it. I met its people, its culture, its typical food, it never ceased to amaze me. I was also able to become great friends, not only from LA, many of my colleagues were from Germany, Brazil, India and China. It was a super enriching trip.

And since there are not two without three … finally in August 2019 we came with Tomás, my boyfriend, to definitely live in this incredible city. Together we discover that unique and incomparable that this place has.
If you come to LA, I have two fundamental tips for you to implement when traveling:

In my opinion, the weather in Los Angeles is perfect. Generally the days are sunny and the rains usually appear in winter. In summer, the temperature can be overwhelming, so if you are traveling, I recommend it be in the fall or spring. They are two spectacular times to enjoy outdoors, without so much heat and with a divine wind.

Clearly something bad had to have, traffic! It is one of the cities with the most traffic in the world, so I recommend that you use the Waze app to calculate the time to your destination and be very patient when driving.

I would also like to share my favorite places to visit, which are several!

One of my favorite places. Ideal to go in the afternoon / evening and walk along its illuminated avenues, Colorado Blvd and Lake Ave, full of shops and restaurants.
On Lake Ave there is “Grandville”, a restaurant with varied food and a very complete menu of drinks, and if you are not accompanied by minors, you can ask for a table on the terrace, you will not regret it!
If you fancy eating sushi, I recommend going to “Roku”. A Japanese restaurant very well set, with good service and some super rich pieces.

Walk down Rodeo Drive and feel in a movie! You can also visit the residential area behind the famous fountain, a very nice place with some super luxurious houses to visit.

In Griffith Park you will find the famous letters of “Hollywood”, You should go up to the observatory, and enjoy the entire city of Los Angeles from up there.
You can also visit the walk of fame and the Dolby Theater, a theater where the Oscars ceremony is held every year.
If you’re going to slow down for lunch, don’t hesitate to eat a Carney’s burger. The restaurant is in a train car on the Sunset Strip.

To get there you have to follow a path through the incredible mountain. You will even see how the clouds are below you!
In winter, it is most likely full of snow, but whenever you go, you will enjoy a very beautiful town on the shores of the lake.

During the day you can have lunch at BoatHouse, a restaurant on the beach and walk on State St. And if you like surfing, there are very good Surf Shops.
At night the Paseo Nuevo mall is very nice and there are several open-air restaurants to taste wine.

The most beautiful thing about this place is the Pier, full of people, restaurants and the most fun, an amazing wheel of fortune. You can also walk along the pedestrian, called Promenade.

Known for its beaches, art galleries, and picturesque residences. Treasure Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit.
“The Deck” is an ideal restaurant for lunch on the beach of the “Pacific Edge Hotel”. It is outdoors with very good music, yes, book early because there is usually a long delay.

Venice is a double-edged sword, either you love it or you don’t like it. Personally, I love it!. I recommend that you walk the BoardWalk, stop by the Venice Sign, and enjoy the art of “Dunkees.”
Finally, you can take advantage and watch the sunset on the beach and if you are hungry “Simmzys” is a very good choice. A restaurant with good vibes and a variety of draft beer.

Enjoy the view walking down the Pier! It is unmissable.
I recommend you have an ice cream in one of the most recognized ice cream shops in Malibu, “Grom” and take the opportunity to walk through that open-air shopping center, which is divine.

A beautiful neighborhood on the shores of the ocean, raised by surfers.
Among the variety of restaurants, I recommend eating at “Duke’s” and enjoying its extensive beach.

My favorite beach, located in the town of Carpintería. Ideal for a picnic and watch the sunset.
Generally there are few people … on the shore, because the sea is full! It is a very famous beach for its waves.

Universal Studios, Six Flags and obviously, Disney, where the magic really started, since it was the first to be built. Remember that parks are for spending the whole day!

These are the places I recommend the most when traveling. It is clear that everything will depend on the number of days you stay.
Of all the recommended ones, my favorite is Rincón Point, one of the quietest beaches I know. I love to go when I want to disconnect from the world and enjoy the peace and noise of the sea. It also has the best sunset!

What I like most about California is the variety that I find, be it cultural, climatic or among its landscapes. There is always a new place to discover a few miles from where you are. It is a state that never ceases to amaze you!

I hope you can come and live it yourself!

If you have any questions or curiosity about a place I mentioned, do not hesitate to write me.

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